Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects are some of the most used tools for film editing and I can help you get started – or take you to the next level.

I have been working with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects professionally for the last many years. I don’t just know the programmes I know and understand what it takes to create a good pace and style.

You will learn how to:

  • choose editing and delivery formats.
  • manage workflow.
  • sculpt character arcs.
  • heighten emotion.
  • problem solve.
  • choose music effectively.
  • make do with imperfect footage.
  • manage VFX workflow between PPro and AE.
  • transfer from the mouse to the keyboard shortcuts.
  • work with clients and directors effectively.
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Freddie Smith

Jeg hedder Freddie Smith og kommer fra London, men har boet og arbejdet i Danmark de sidste år.

I am a passionate film/video editor and assistant with a keen sense for pace and style and a particular interest in character-based drama.

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